Saturday, February 16, 2013

Computer program

Programming - is instructing a computer to perform a task for you with the help of a programming language.
The instructing part requires a step by step solution to the task. This step by step solution is called an algorithm.

People who make computer programs are called programmers.
There are usually two difficulties for computer programmers;
Finding a feasible algorithm (algorithm design) and writing the program (implementation).

People who use the programs are called

A Computer program (software) contains a sequence of instructions for a computer. One program is usually composed of three parts:

Input - part gets the data from an input device. from keyboard or from a text file.

Process - part is the hardest working part of the program. It carries out the algorithm and finds out the desired result.

Output - part gives the result of the program. Our programs will display the result on the screen or print it into a text file.


  1. nota basic ni..hehehe..dah dua tahun tinggal subjek ni, lupe dah coding cemana..hehe