Tuesday, December 6, 2016


The most critical part in almost cases in quadcopter implementation is preparing the quadcopter flight performance and capability to be suited in any outdoor applications, such as; real estate photography, aerial surveying, periodic forest monitoring, and search/rescue missions. Generally, each quadcopter implementation required different sensors which are needed to attach and integrate into quadcopter system. Therefore, this paper has proposed an implementation of Open-Source Project (OSPs) platform as autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) quadcopter development that can be fitted for any outdoor applications or even in research experimental purposes. The OSP platform is the most popular approach. The main reason is because of their flexibility in both hardware and software. We started out with detail explanations in the OSP platform approach. The basic quadcopter configuration for autonomous flight also presented and applied. This paper also provided several outdoor experiments results in uncontrolled environment that have been executed using our developed testbed to evaluate their performance, such as attitude and altitude stabilization, interference and vibration effect, and trajectory mapping generation. Finally, throughout this project, we have successfully implemented outdoor quadcopter based on the OPSs quadcopter platform and analyzed their flight performances from real experiments.

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