Sunday, June 2, 2013

Introducing SketchUp 2013

Introducing SketchUp 2013
It's my pleasure to announce the arrival of SketchUp 2013. For this release, we focused on two things: building an ecosystem that makes it easier for millions of SketchUp modelers to find and use the plugins and extensions they need, and continuing to turbocharge SketchUp Pro's documentation and presentation features (in the form of LayOut).
Extension Warehouse: A smarter approach to SketchUp plugins
In SketchUp 2013, we're introducing Extension Warehouse, a repository of extensions that provides a one-stop shop for anyone looking to customize their copy of SketchUp. This one new feature is actually dozens (eventually hundreds) of new features, all ready and waiting for you to discover. Using the Extension Warehouse to find, install and update plugins is a simple operation. And best of all, it all happens right inside SketchUp.
LayOut just keeps getting better
We know that you'd like to take your SketchUp models farther into the documentation part of your workflow. As such, we're continuing to turn LayOut in SketchUp Pro into a full-fledged tool for creating scaled, annotated and dimensioned drawings from your models. In this version, we've added hatching and other pattern fills, speedier vector rendering, better zoom, more useful callouts and other improvements that continue to make LayOut the cat's pajamas.

The complete list of details about what's new in SketchUp Pro 2013 is too long to include in this newsletter. We've written an extensive blog post just for that purpose.
Meet SketchUp Make
If you've already tried downloading, you might be wondering "What happened to the free version of SketchUp?" Fear not: in this release, we're re-affirming our commitment to free by giving it a new name and a new mission. SketchUp Make is the friendliest, most fun, entirely free 3D drawing tool in the cosmos. Anyone can use it to do non-commercial work. If you're 3D modeling for the love of it, SketchUp Make is (and will always be) there when you need it. Read more about it on our blog: (re)introducing SketchUp Make.
Upgrade and Support, all rolled into one
With this release, we're introducing a simplified Upgrade and Support program for SketchUp Pro. It goes like this: When you buy a new license for SketchUp Pro 2013, you'll also receive a year's worth of upgrades (major and minor), email tech support, and phone support for installation and licensing issues. If you already have a license that you need to upgrade to SketchUp Pro 2013, you can purchase the same Upgrade and Support program separately. We think it's a good deal, and we think you will, too. If you're ready, go ahead and upgrade an existing SketchUp Pro license now. You can also contact a reseller to upgrade, if you originally purchased your license from a reseller.

Now would be a terrific time to download the new version. You can install it right alongside SketchUp 8 if you like; using both while you're evaluating SketchUp 2013 is just fine. Be sure to try out the new features, and have fun.
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