Sunday, August 5, 2012

Part III : AutoCAD 2012 3D Drawing & Modeling

AutoCAD 3D Drawing and Modeling introduces students who are proficient with the 2D commands in the AutoCAD® software to the concepts and methods of 3D modeling. The training guide provides a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of 3D and explores the main features of the advanced 3D Modeling workspace in the AutoCAD software.

Topics include:

  •     3D viewing techniques
  •     Working with simple and composite solids
  •     Creating complex solids and surfaces
  •     Modifying objects in 3D space
  •     Editing solids
  •     Creating sections, camera perspectives, and animations
  •     Converting 3D objects
  •     Setting up a rendering with materials and lights
  •     Creating 2D drawings from 3D models
  •     Working with the User Coordinate System

Sudents need to have a good working skill level in the AutoCAD software.

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